Caleb Barge is a NYC based comedian that is the creator and co-host of the We're Going To Hell podcast. He recently was accepted into the Laughing Devil Comedy Festival, Harlem Comedy Festival, Trial by Laughter Comedy Festival, and Palm Springs Comedy Festival. He grew up in a college, hippie town called New Paltz in the Hudson Valley, and that is why he hates Sublime.


             Being raised strict Christian, his retort when asked what type, like Evangelical or Catholic, he simply responds, "the one where they speak in tongues and hate gay people." His upbringing taught him to question everything, especially authority. A lot of his material is influenced by this, but he loves to talk about sex and drugs. He believes all drugs should be decriminalized and sex work should be legal for the rights of the individual. (Mostly for his own personal reasons.)


             If it wasn't for comedy, Caleb thinks he would be in a similar situation like John Candy in “Cool Runnings,” but without the bobsledding. In his early 20's, he discovered comedians that made him feel less lonely, if that makes sense. They made him ponder and have thoughts like "Oh, I think like that, too." His podcast Were Going To Hell, with co-host Mike Hernandez, is a reflection of this mentality with uncensored comedy on pop culture and society. It is definitely not for the easily offended with brutally honest opinions and just good, cheap American fun.


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